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this website was made by pizzafox20109.(_z) follow me on scratch or roblox!

what is this website for?

this website was made for fun because owo is cool and clicking buttons is fun i guess. oh and also cause i wanted to make a website that wasnt too advanced since i only know a bit of HTML and CSS.


alright now onto some OwO nonsense.

Hewwo *nibbles* UwU :3 *pounces* >w> >w> owo VwV OwO VwV *pounces* *notices something* OwO *nuzzles* QwQ VwV *nuzzles* QwQ >w> OwO owo >w> *nuzzles* *pounces* *num* UwU VwV *num* QwQ *nom* uwu *pounces* uwu *pounces* *nom* VwV *nom* OwOo ^^; *nibbles* VwV uwu :3 *pounces* uwu uwu *nom* owo *nutices *pounces* *pounces* uwu UwU something* OwO *nutices uwu something* *pounces* *pounces* :3 OwO *nom* >w> *notices something* *num* uwu VwV uwu VwV VwV *nibbles* >w> *nuzzles* QwQ *nuzzwes* *nom* :3 OwO >w> uwu owo :3 *nutices *pounces* something* :3 :3 >w> *nuzzwes* *nibbles* :3 >w> owo *pounces* ^^; owo *num* >w> *nuzzwes* OwO UwU QwQ UwU uwu UwU UwU *pounces* ^^; >w> QwQ >w> *num* owo >w> owo :3 QwQ VwV ^^; *nutices *nuzzles* something* UwU *nuzzles* *num* >w> OwOo ^^; VwV *pounces* *nuzzles* OwO OwO ^^; *nibbwes* VwV *nibbwes* *pounces* ^^; owo QwQ *nutices >w> *nuzzwes* *notices something* *nuzzles* UwU *nibbles* *nutices OwO something* *pounces* VwV QwQ uwu QwQ something* OwO *nuzzwes* OwO owo *nutices :3 UwU uwu *notices something* something* VwV OwOo *pounces* *notices something* *notices something* UwU uwu UwU *pounces* *nutices VwV something* *nom* *pounces* VwV *nibbles* ^^; *nom* >w> :3 ^^; QwQ *nom* owo ^^; uwu *nom* OwOo *nuzzles* UwU UwU *nibbles* *notices something* *nutices :3 something* ^^; ^^; OwOo QwQ >w> *nom* UwU *nibbwes* *pounces* VwV ^^; OwOo OwO uwu uwu *nibbwes* OwO VwV *nom* *pounces* ^^; *nibbles* *nutices *notices something* UwU uwu something* VwV ^^; *nuzzles* QwQ ^^; QwQ ^^; *nom* *pounces* QwQ *nibbwes* *pounces* *num* *nuzzles* UwU *nom* *nibbles* UwU uwu QwQ *nibbles* *nom* *pounces* *nibbles* OwO :3 :3 uwu *notices something* owo VwV *nutices owo something* *notices something* *nibbles* *pounces* QwQ *nutices :3 something* *nom* >w> OwOo OwO OwO *pounces* ^^; ^^; *nuzzles* >w> >w> *num* ^^; VwV UwU *nom* *nuzzwes* UwU *pounces* QwQ >w> VwV *nibbles* :3 OwO uwu *nutices owo OwOo *nibbles* owo something* *notices something* VwV >w> *nom* :3 *nuzzles* :3 UwU QwQ >w> *notices something* *num* *nom* *nibbwes* *nom* *pounces* *nuzzwes* *nuzzles* owo *pounces* ^^; VwV *nibbles* uwu *notices something* :3 VwV *nom* QwQ *nuzzwes* VwV UwU *notices something* >w> VwV >w> *pounces* *pounces* ^^; *nuzzles* OwOo *notices something* *nutices QwQ something* *pounces* VwV *nuzzwes* uwu :3 *pounces* *nuzzles* >w> ^^; >w> *nibbles* *nibbwes* *nom* *nutices ^^; something* ^^; uwu *pounces* *nibbles* UwU *nuzzles* OwO *nibbles* *nutices uwu something* *nibbles* ^^; UwU uwu >w> *nutices owo something* *nuzzles* :3 VwV *nibbwes* VwV *nom* :3 *nibbles* OwO OwO QwQ :3 >w> QwQ OwO *nuzzwes* ^^; VwV OwO UwU ^^; QwQ UwU UwU QwQ UwU uwu QwQ *nom* ^^; *nibbwes* ^^; QwQ UwU *nibbwes* :3 OwOo QwQ VwV OwO *nuzzwes* *notices something* *nibbles* *pounces* ^^; >w> *nom* UwU ^^; *num* :3 *pounces* *nom* UwU ^^; owo *nuzzwes* *nuzzles* :3 uwu *nibbwes* ^^; *nutices VwV something* *nibbles* :3 owo OwOo OwO *pounces* OwO OwO ^^; OwO *notices something* *notices something* *num* uwu OwO *num* >w> OwO *nuzzles* OwO uwu UwU UwU :3 VwV QwQ *pounces* ^^; *nibbwes* *nuzzles* OwO ^^; *nuzzles* >w> uwu *nuzzwes* *notices something* ^^; ^^; ^^; ^^; owo *nutices ^^; *nuzzles* something* UwU ^^; *nuzzles* *pounces* *notices something* *num* OwO uwu OwOo *nuzzles* *nutices *nibbles* something* *pounces* :3 QwQ *pounces* QwQ UwU owo *notices something* *pounces* owo *pounces* UwU owo OwO ^^; :3 *nom* VwV :3 uwu OwOo VwV uwu OwO OwO *nuzzwes* *nom* *notices something* uwu *nibbles* *notices something* *nibbwes* >w> OwOo >w> *nom* *num* *nibbles* OwOo >w> OwO ^^; ^^; *nibbles* :3 OwO >w> *num* uwu *nibbles* uwu *nom* QwQ ^^; owo *num* QwQ VwV >w> uwu OwO *nuzzles* OwO QwQ *nom* uwu UwU VwV QwQ OwO uwu uwu UwU OwO owo OwO *pounces* QwQ UwU owo :3 *nom* uwu *nuzzles* uwu VwV QwQ QwQ OwO :3 VwV owo QwQ QwQ *pounces* *nom* QwQ owo ^^; QwQ OwO *pounces* OwO UwU >w> QwQ *nuzzles* OwO VwV *pounces* *pounces* OwO :3 :3 OwO :3 UwU OwO ^^; owo *nibbwes* uwu *num* ^^; *pounces* *nibbles* uwu *num* UwU OwOo *pounces* ^^; *nibbles* :3 *notices something* OwO OwO *pounces* >w> OwOo OwO *nibbwes* OwO OwOo ^^; >w> uwu *nuzzles* ^^; *nibbles* *nom* *nutices *nom* UwU *pounces* :3 QwQ QwQ ^^; something* QwQ *num* *pounces* *nuzzles* owo ^^; VwV *nuzzles* *pounces* *num* QwQ OwO *nuzzwes* owo *nutices *nom* something* ^^; uwu *nuzzles* OwOo OwO VwV uwu :3 *nibbwes* UwU OwO

okay that was long.
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